Need a Little Pick-Me-Up? We’ve Got Some Fun Cat Facts to Make You Smile

Rocklin, CA silly cat

When Sir Timothy John Berners-Lee, the famous “father” of the World Wide Web, was asked for an example of widespread use of the internet he never imagined, he said “Kittens”. 

There’s no doubt that people love domestic felines, but online cat videos are absolutely captivating perhaps because they remind of us of the human condition. In fact, research shows that people feel better about life after watching funny cat videos, and are more likely to post a picture or video of a cat than a selfie. 

These and many other fun cat facts listed below are convincing evidence that cats are simply amazing.

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The Straight Story on Whisker Fatigue

It’s not always the easiest thing to grasp what your cat is doing – or why. Sure, they can have some odd or questionable proclivities, but if you’re hip to feline behavior and good at reading their body language, you’ll have a better time understanding what drives them. 

The concept of whisker fatigue is on the periphery for most cat owners, yet it’s something that can cause intense distress for their furry friends.

Amazing Anatomy

Cat whiskers are absolutely incredible. Aside from sending messages to the brain about a cat’s surroundings, these powerful vibrissae detect air currents, allow cats to hunt accurately, help them jump and climb with precision, and inform them when it’s time to blink or retreat from a space. They also inform others of a cat’s mood. 

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Why Cat Wellness Care Can’t Wait

Regular wellness care is important for all pets, but it tends to take a back seat when it comes to cats. Unfortunately, many cats don’t receive the medical care they need until their problems become more severe.

Making a commitment to preventive cat wellness gives your pet the best chance at overall health and longevity.

Kitten Care

The first few days and weeks with a new pet is thrilling, and it’s easy to get caught up in all the excitement. However, keep in mind that one of the most important things you can provide for your new kitten is their first visit to the veterinarian.


Scaredy-Cat: What To Do About Cat Anxiety

cat anxietyAre you living with a fearful feline? A trembling tomcat? A cowardly kitten? Cat anxiety is no laughing matter, especially when it interferes with a happy home and a harmonious relationship with your pet. Helping our readers learn about cat anxiety is important to us, and we are confident that our tips can help you to create a happy kitty and harmonious home.


Prevailing Cat Myths and the Proof Against Them

cat mythsAround the world and throughout centuries, we’ve managed to create explanations for things that defied logic. As collective understanding developed, ideas that mystified our ancestors were later invalidated by science, technology, research, and, perhaps, common sense.

Cat myths, like urban legends, are captivating. However, when given the opportunity to grapple with feline truth, these myths are obvious relics of the past.


A String Around Your Finger: Don’t Forget About Indoor Cat Care

Many cat owners are amazing at keeping routine wellness appointments for their indoor felines. However, anecdotal evidence shows that a large number of indoor cats do not receive regular veterinary care. If this sounds familiar, we understand that it’s often easier to remain at home than to force a cat to travel. Plus, cats – especially those who are safe from accidental injury or exposure to disease – give the impression they don’t really need a check-up. However, indoor cat care is vital to health and longevity.


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Feline Behavior: Understanding How Cats Socialize

Rocklin_iStock_000071839991_LargeHead bumps. Slow blinks. A twitchy tail. Meowing. These are just a few of the ways your cat communicates with you. However, when it comes to other pets or people, Fluffy has other ideas. Cats are often (incorrectly) labeled as aloof or antisocial. While we’ve all seen a cat or two that fits that description, many felines are actually very friendly, affectionate, and curious.

Feline behavior can be mysterious, but getting into your cat’s head isn’t impossible. Learning more about how he or she socializes provides important insight, resulting in better health and wellness. And who can argue with that? Continue…

What You Should Know About Hyperthyroidism in Cats

Rocklin_iStock_000069881025_LargeBootsy The Cat has been there for you through thick and thin. He may be getting a little older, but at 14 he hasn’t been sick a day in his life. He seems to be doing great and he is eating well, but over the past few months you have noticed his hips and spine sticking out a little more than they used to. It’s normal for old cats to lose a little weight, though, right?

You decide that maybe it’s best to get Bootsy checked out and bring him in for a checkup. When we place him on the scale to weigh in, you are astonished to see that he has lost almost a pound since his last visit less than a year ago. What could be going on?
As you may realize, it’s not always obvious that your cat is sick. There are many conditions that could be plaguing Bootsy; however, at the top of our list of suspects, is hyperthyroidism. Continue…

Why We Love Living with Cats

Gray cat side view portraitSure, some people are allergic, don’t like to scoop litter, or maybe don’t really appreciate those fur tumbleweeds that glide across the kitchen floor… They may question why living with cats is enjoyable, preferring a gregarious canine to the independent, low-key feline. Yes, we have all heard those “crazy cat lady” jokes until they’re really gotten old (seriously, they have).

Frankly, the world seems to revolve around dogs and their needs, while quiet, unassuming cats just can’t get the respect they deserve.

But, there are some major advantages to living with a cats that those of us who have them without a doubt know. And, these make us adore our meow friends even more. Continue…

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