Why We Love Living with Cats

Gray cat side view portraitSure, some people are allergic, don’t like to scoop litter, or maybe don’t really appreciate those fur tumbleweeds that glide across the kitchen floor… They may question why living with cats is enjoyable, preferring a gregarious canine to the independent, low-key feline. Yes, we have all heard those “crazy cat lady” jokes until they’re really gotten old (seriously, they have).

Frankly, the world seems to revolve around dogs and their needs, while quiet, unassuming cats just can’t get the respect they deserve.

But, there are some major advantages to living with a cats that those of us who have them without a doubt know. And, these make us adore our meow friends even more. Continue…

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Kitty Come Home: Microchipping Your Cat

Cat, IsolatedWhen we think about collars, ID tags, and microchips for our pets, it’s all too common to think only of our dogs. But the sad truth is, cats can get lost or stolen too; and without any form of identification, it’s extremely likely that your kitty won’t ever make it home.

It is estimated that a staggering 3-4 million cats are lost or stolen every year. Without identification, the odds of your kitty making it home are extremely slim. In fact, both PetFinder and HomeAgain estimate that, without a microchip, only 2% of lost cats will reconnect with their owners.

Don’t let your sweet cat become a heartbreaking statistic. Take the time to make sure your cat has some form of identification, be it inside or out. Continue…

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The Litter Box Lament: Troubleshooting Your Cat’s Litter Box Behavior

CatThe number one reason that cats are given up at animal shelters, and ultimately euthanized, is bad litter box behavior. But did you know that cats instinctively want to cover their waste and keep their environment clean?

This means that your cat’s bad habits are fixable with a little patience and some investigative work. Before you say so-long to your feline, try troubleshooting your kitty’s behavior instead.

Visit Your Veterinarian

The first thing you should do when your cat begins exhibiting bad elimination behaviors is visit your veterinarian. Often your cat’s change in his or her waste management habits are linked to medical reasons that can be cured. Continue…