A Preventable Problem: Exploring Heartworm Disease

A black lab covered in bugsAlthough it may seem like the topic of parasites and heartworm disease comes up frequently in veterinary medicine, there is good reason. So many preventable diseases and compromises to pet health occur each year because preventive measures were not taken. Adding to this, there are still several misconceptions about how parasites spread illnesses and the exposure or risk factors involved. Continue…

Heart Problems in Pets: What Owners Need to Know

A beagle with a large red heart decorationFebruary is American Heart Month, and the awareness doesn’t need to stop with you and your two-legged family. Heart disease also affects animals, and pet owners need to understand how to keep their pet’s hearts healthy.

Heart problems in pets are not uncommon, and part of keeping our dogs and cats hearts healthy is knowing what problems are out there and how to detect them. Learn what all owners should know about heart health and your pet. Continue…

New Pet Parasite Prevention Options

A pug standing in a fieldParasites in pets are serious business. Some parasites, such as heartworms, can be deadly. Others, like fleas, are mostly just frustrating. Luckily, in modern veterinary medicine we have several options for pet parasite prevention, which will effectively prevent most parasite infections in our pets.

While there are many options for pet parasite preventatives, we have been somewhat limited in the way these had to be administered. Recently, two new parasite preventative options have come onto the market. These are changing the face of veterinary parasite prevention.


Until earlier this year, if you wanted to protect your dog from fleas AND ticks, you needed to use a topical application of a product such as Frontline Plus. While these products are usually effective when used correctly, they can be a problem for pets with sensitive skin or those who bathe or swim frequently. Continue…