Find Freedom From Pet Anxiety and Stress This Independence Day

pet anxietyIt’s rare to find an animal who’s seemingly unaware of or unbothered by their surroundings. To be sure, cats and dogs are typically hyper-alert when it comes to their environment – especially if there are loud noises or disruption in routine. Add to this a dizzying array of tasty food, fireworks, soaring temps, and playful children, and you’ve got a recipe for pet escape. Whether it’s just down the street or beneath the bed, pet anxiety and stress are very real threats to an animal’s safety and wellbeing.


Jumpy Jakes And Nervous Nellies: Coping With Pet Anxiety

Sad homeless street dogLike humans, pets have fears and anxieties, some more than others. Like humans, excessive anxiety can have adverse effects on our pet’s mental and physical health.

Learning strategies to help your furry pal cope with his or her pet anxiety is key to a happy and peaceful life for everyone in your household, and your team at Rocklin Ranch Veterinary Hospital is here for you every step of the way. Continue…

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