At-Home Strategies to Soothe Arthritis in Pets

Older dog riding in a wagon.

Our senior pets have earned the right to sleep as much as they want, resist strenuous activity, and schedule their waking hours around meals. Unfortunately, the majority of aging or older pets can’t fully embrace their retirement because they’re suffering in silence. Arthritis in pets can vary between slightly irritating to downright immobilizing. But with daily support at home and veterinary support, animals afflicted with this disease can continue to enjoy the lives they not only love, but wholeheartedly deserve. 


Arthritis in Pets: Helping Them Cope

A spotted black and white dogArthritis in pets is surprisingly common, and can be just as much of a problem for our four-legged friends as it is for humans. Arthritis is more frequently seen in senior pets, but it can affect an animal at any age.

There are several types of arthritis in pets, osteoarthritis being the most common form. This occurs when the cartilage surrounding the joints begin to thin and the cells die, causing inflammation. Extra bony growths can also develop, which further increase an animal’s discomfort and mobility problems.