What to do About a Hyper Dog

A happy dog with its tongue wagging

He never seems to calm down! 

He never stops moving!?! 

She’s always jumping up on everyone and everything!! 

She wears me out…

 As much as you love them, living with a hyper dog can be exhausting, frustrating, and downright upsetting at times.

Many dogs are high-energy, but when the problem starts to interfere with you and your dog’s quality of life, it’s time to seek help. That’s where your Rocklin Ranch Veterinary Hospital family comes in!


Fitness for Fido: How Much Exercise Does a Pet Really Need?

how much exercise does a pet really needAs the winter months come to a close, we look ahead to the coming spring. Uh-oh. It’s that dreaded time when the shorts and swimsuits come out, and many of us will be back out the gym, aspiring for that bikini body and working on our fitness goals.

Along with your own exercise plans, you may also begin to wonder about your couch potato cat or pup. Should they be getting more exercise? What’s enough? What’s too much?

The team at Rocklin Ranch Veterinary Hospital can help answer the question: how much exercise does a pet really need?


Pet Playground: Creative Ways to Inspire Pet Exercise

A white and tan dog running in a fieldBack-to-school season usually marks a decline in the amount of leisure time we have. Opportunities for outdoor recreation and playtime generally start to wane for our pets, too. And, since pet exercise is certainly an essential component of wellness, there is a need for planning and ingenuity to get those paws moving.

The cool thing is, exercise can come in a variety of forms. You don’t need to take your pet to some new and exotic location when you use some creativity to inspire exercise for your fur friend. Continue…

Kids and Pet Care: One Big Happy Family

Rocklin_iStock_000038997540_LargeMost pet lovers first connect with animals during childhood – and for many of us, the lasting impression of that experience endures far into adulthood. There’s no doubt that children and pets have a mutually beneficial relationship, but it’s not always one that comes automatically.

With the right recipe of awareness, patience, time, and trust, you can easily integrate your kids into the daily routines your family pet depends on. Making the effort to involve your kids with your pet’s care will not only help to endear your pet to your children, but will also teach your them about the wonders and responsibilities of pet ownership and the human-animal bond. Continue…

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Powder Hounds: Keeping Pets Active Throughout Winter’s Chill

A child with their dogThe Rocklin area boasts a fairly reasonable winter climate that allows for keeping up with a year-round schedule of outdoor activities. But, even in light of our geographical luck, we can all get into a seasonal funk that perpetuates a serious lack of excitement regarding the simple act of going outside.

Regrettably, pets can suffer a similar seasonal happiness deficit. So what do you do when a pet doesn’t want to have anything to do with the backyard, let alone a hike or the dog park? If you and your pet are trying to cope with colder temperatures, shorter days, and less sunshine, we have some suggestions for keeping pets active throughout the coming months. And, by the time that first crocus pops up, you and your pet will be ready to go! Continue…