My Pet Has Fleas! What Now?

Happy pet terrier dog scratching chin with leg
A candid image of the family pet mongrel dog. He is scratching his chin with his hind leg. This can be a sign a dog has parasites such as fleas or ticks. Dogs routinely pick them up on walks and it is vital for owners to regularly give them prevention and cure treatment. Image taken in Ko Lanta, Krabi, Thailand.

Fleas are the bane of a pet owner’s existence. These creepy crawly creatures can elicit a shudder in even the bravest dog or cat parent. If your pet has the unfortunate experience of getting fleas, Rocklin Ranch Veterinary Hospital wants to help you get rid of them as quickly as possible:


The Scoop on Healthy Pet Treat

Rocklin CA Healthy Pet Treats

It’s the rare pet who doesn’t appreciate a treat (or two or three). Treats can be used for training, as a hiding place for medications, or simply to show our pets how much we care. Unfortunately, many pet treats contain fillers, sugar, and other  So how can we be sure the treats we give our precious pets are healthy?


Pearly Whites: How To Brush Your Pet’s Teeth

A cat avoiding a tooth brushing

There’s plenty of pet care advice out there, but when it comes to your pet’s health and longevity, we think dental health is a top priority. That’s because it’s one of the best ways that you, as a pet owner, can give your pet a great quality of life. 

By the time pets are 4 years of age, over 85% of them have some form of dental disease. And while totally preventable, dental disease in pets is also painful for them and can bring about a whole host of complications, from tooth fractures to gum disease and tooth loss. 

The best plan you can make is to begin a daily regimen of brushing your pet’s teeth. You heard us right.  Learning how to brush your pet’s teeth, and doing it on a regular basis, is one of the best ways to prevent tartar and plaque buildup on their teeth and stop gum disease in its tracks. 

Are you rolling your eyes or giggling a bit? Read on to learn how easy it is to brush your pet’s teeth, from Rocklin Ranch Veterinary Hospital


Unlock Amazing Pet Oral Health with These Simple Steps

pet oral healthA healthy mouth is truly a healthy body for both pets and people. We (hopefully) brush our teeth every day and visit the dentist regularly for cleanings and checkups, but studies show that our pets aren’t getting the same treatment. According to the American Veterinary Dental College, most dogs and cats have some form of periodontal (gum) disease by the time they reach age three. Periodontal disease has been linked to a number of health challenges, including pain, tooth loss, and heart disease.

Preventing and treating gum disease is as crucial to your pet’s overall well-being as proper nutrition and exercise, and can even add years to their life. Your team at Rocklin Ranch Veterinary Hospital is committed to pet oral health, and we are here to help you get started on this important component of pet care.


Such Great Heights: What You Can Do to Support Senior Cat Health

Paws cleaningIf you’ve lived with your senior cat since their infancy, you likely know them really well. You know their preferences and capabilities – and you know when something isn’t right. Watching for any signs of change (even the most subtle) can make a huge difference to overall senior cat health. Early detection and intervention are your biggest allies in helping your pet achieve a long, healthy, and happy life. Your friends at Rocklin Ranch Veterinary Hospital are here to help!


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Tiny Bites: All About Pet Dental Care

Brushing dogs teethFebruary is National Pet Dental Health Month, and we couldn’t be more excited here at Rocklin Ranch Veterinary Hospital! Dental care and health is a cornerstone of overall wellness for both people and pets, and we hope to increase education and awareness of this vitally important health regimen. Continue…

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Seasonal Cues: How To Keep The Pounds Off Your Pet All Year Round

A golden retriever running in a back yardThe giant sunflowers you planted last spring yielded hundreds of plump seeds.This is great news – especially for the backyard squirrels or birds. Slowly the infiltration begins: cautiously at first, and then boldly, these fluffy or furry scavengers take over in search of winter’s plentiful stockpile. Enter, your cat or dog, and prepare for a hearty, frisky run about the backyard.

Is this the type of seasonal exercise designed to keep pounds off your pet? Well yes, but also not exactly. All cheekiness aside (we certainly don’t advocate for chasing suburban wildlife up a tree), we’ve got some ideas to help your pet (and you, too) remain healthy this fall – and all the months to follow. Continue…

Pet Playground: Creative Ways to Inspire Pet Exercise

A white and tan dog running in a fieldBack-to-school season usually marks a decline in the amount of leisure time we have. Opportunities for outdoor recreation and playtime generally start to wane for our pets, too. And, since pet exercise is certainly an essential component of wellness, there is a need for planning and ingenuity to get those paws moving.

The cool thing is, exercise can come in a variety of forms. You don’t need to take your pet to some new and exotic location when you use some creativity to inspire exercise for your fur friend. Continue…

A Preventable Problem: Exploring Heartworm Disease

A black lab covered in bugsAlthough it may seem like the topic of parasites and heartworm disease comes up frequently in veterinary medicine, there is good reason. So many preventable diseases and compromises to pet health occur each year because preventive measures were not taken. Adding to this, there are still several misconceptions about how parasites spread illnesses and the exposure or risk factors involved. Continue…

The Importance Of Regular Pet Wellness Exams

A white and tan dog running in a fieldApart from seeing your pet’s sweet face, and hearing about his or her devotion, abilities, or antics once or twice a year, we truly value the time spent assessing your pet’s health. We see your pet’s regular wellness exam as an opportunity to finely tune the conversation between you and your pet’s veterinarian, in order to support health, happiness, and longevity. Continue…

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