Overcoming Common Training Challenges: Expert Tips from Rocklin Ranch Veterinary Hospital

cute puppy training.

There’s really no limit to what your pet can learn, but a lot depends on how new information is presented to them. For them to fully embrace a new skill, and be able to repeat it, pets benefit from a structured approach. They need to feel secure and confident within the framework provided by their trustworthy owners. Overcoming common training challenges is much easier with our tips from Rocklin Ranch Veterinary Hospital. 


A Cold Drink From the Toilet: Uncouth Dog Behavior (Sometimes) Makes Sense

toilet waterWe not only allow, but wholeheartedly welcome dogs to share in all the trappings of modern living. Some dogs are invited to sleep with their owners on goose-down bedding; others hang out on the sofa for the latest binge-worthy TV. Indeed, dogs are veritable members of the family. That doesn’t mean, however, that we don’t collectively scratch our heads at certain canine codes of conduct. Dog behavior varies between individuals, but as a group, dogs seem to really enjoy slurping from the toilet bowl. But why?


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Splash-Happy Fun: Teaching Your Dog to Swim

Enjoying simple thingsYou’ve packed the beach towel and are about to grab your pet’s leash for an awesome day on the water. But, hold up! Teaching your dog to swim is one of the most important requirements of pet water safety.

While most owners assume dogs are natural swimmers, the truth is, many require training. So before hitting the water, be sure your pet knows the basics about canine swimming.