Countdown To Spooksville: The Best In Pet Halloween Costumes And Safety

pet halloween costumesIs dressing up your dog, cat, guinea pig, parakeet, snake, or bearded dragon lizard in a Halloween costume a cherished holiday tradition for your family? After all, what could be cuter than a dachshund in a hot dog costume, a kitty in fairy wings, or a snake wearing a cute little hat?

If finding the perfect costume for your furry bundle of joy is part of your Halloween plan, look no further. Your friends at Rocklin Ranch Veterinary Hospital have come up with a list of our favorite pet Halloween costumes, along with some safety tips, of course!


Find Freedom From Pet Anxiety and Stress This Independence Day

pet anxietyIt’s rare to find an animal who’s seemingly unaware of or unbothered by their surroundings. To be sure, cats and dogs are typically hyper-alert when it comes to their environment – especially if there are loud noises or disruption in routine. Add to this a dizzying array of tasty food, fireworks, soaring temps, and playful children, and you’ve got a recipe for pet escape. Whether it’s just down the street or beneath the bed, pet anxiety and stress are very real threats to an animal’s safety and wellbeing.


Have No Worries With Our Pet Party Safety Tips

pet party safetyFrom Easter all the way through Labor Day, families schedule backyard get-togethers and BBQ’s. What’s not to love? Absolutely nothing – except for the inherent dangers to your pet. It may not seem like pet party safety is a prerequisite for fun, but without extra care and vigilance at parties, your pet could find big trouble.

Screening Time

Does your pet enjoy the company of others or does he or she tend to act up when the doorbell rings over and over? A highly sociable animal can make the party even more lively, but one that’s shy, timid, or stressed may find the situation untenable.


Cute Valentine’s Day Gifts That Include Your Pet!

A fuzzy white dog wearing gogglesThere’s a lot to love about Valentine’s Day, but sometimes, we forget that the ones responsible for bringing us so much joy deserve a little extra spoiling, too. While it’s easy to splurge on toys or treats you know your pet will like, there are other gifts that include your pet.

Instead of adding to the hundreds of millions of dollars that pet owners are expected to spend on special gifts for their pets, we offer a few alternatives that might just make you fall head over heels (or paws!).

A Pet Getaway

While booking that steamy romantic weekend sounds ideal, what would Fluffy or Fido say about that? Show a little love by planning a pet-friendly getaway. Even if it’s just an overnight stay nearby, your pet will enjoy the new sights and smells and creating new memories with you. Continue…

Good Combo? The Truth About Holiday Plants and Pets

Peace at ChristmasIt’s possible that your pet shows little interest in your recently purchased potted beauty, but if it’s wrapped in shiny red or green material, take heed. While certain holiday plants add a great deal to your home’s holiday aesthetic, they have the frightening potential to cause a pet emergency. Your friends at Rocklin Ranch understand these concerns and offer the best tips concerning holiday plants and pets.

All the Pretty Little Things

With all the sparkles, glitter, and blinking lights, the holidays take on a certain magical quality. Likewise, bannisters wrapped in garlands of evergreen and decorative wreaths and centerpieces add a warm holiday appeal to any home. If you can keep these holiday plants and pets apart, you’ll be taking preventive measures against a potential poisoning or other emergency.


New Traditions: Suggestions for Sharing Thanksgiving With Your Pet

Father and daughter in kitchen for christmas with their dog.Everything about Thanksgiving is tantalizing – for pets and people alike. That’s why it only makes sense to share Thanksgiving with your pet. Celebrating together is the best when you can both indulge in rich, buttery casseroles and toast all that you’re grateful for with a glass of hard cider.

Wait! That’s not right! In fact, this could place your pet in immediate danger. Fortunately, our team is here to help you design safe and happy Thanksgiving traditions that protect your pet’s health and wellness.