A Note from Dr. Tara Gee, DVM

Dear Clients & Friends,

It has been a great pleasure and honor to provide veterinary care for your pets over the past 39 years.

The partnerships we have forged, your trust, loyalty, and dedication have allowed me to help and share the lives of your 4 footed family members. It has been a grand journey both personally and professionally.

When I retire at the end of March 2019, I know I leave you in the compassionate, skilled and knowledgable hands with the veterinarians at Rocklin Ranch Veterinary Hospital.

Thank you all very much for your confidence and trust, and allowing me into your lives and the lives of your pets.

Most Sincerely,

Dr. Tara Gee, DVM

Reap the Rewards: The Benefits at Rocklin Ranch

Working at Rocklin Ranch can be the cat's meow!In veterinary medicine, there’s always a team of people behind the scenes working closely to care for pets. Bonded by our deep love of animals, we often work long hours but are fulfilled knowing we’re doing our part to keep pets healthy and happy.

There are also other rewards when it comes to working here. Let us share some of the benefits at Rocklin Ranch Veterinary Hospital that our team members enjoy. Continue…

National Walk Your Dog Month: Ten Great Reasons to Celebrate

dog leather leashLast week, as you may recall, we wrote about the importance of keeping your pet active during the winter months and gave you pointers on pet-friendly winter activities. This week, we wanted to follow up with some encouraging reasons as to why dog walking has health benefits for both dog and owner alike.

Here are a few of our favorite reasons to enjoy a walk with your pet. January was National Walk Your Pet Month and we are motivated to inspire you to grab your pet’s leash and head outside for some fresh air, sunshine, and exercise. Continue…

Young at Heart: Caring for Senior Pets

iStock_000043604038_LargeThere is no age limit when it comes to how much love and joy a pet can bring into our lives. This is especially true when it comes to our four-legged geriatric friends. Opening your home and heart to a senior dog or cat, or caring for an aging pet who has been with you since puppy or kitten years, is deeply rewarding. Older pets are charismatic, generally mellower, oftentimes settled in to the routines and rules of the household, and affectionately grateful for the time you spend together.

However, caring for a senior pet does require some adjustments and considerations that weren’t necessary during his or her younger years. Understanding the changing health needs of senior pets is vital for successfully navigating your pet’s golden years.

The good news is, with a little forethought, you can expect to watch your best fur friend age gracefully and with the enthusiasm and unabashed joy of those younger years. Continue…

Ringin’ in the New Year with Rocklin Ranch Veterinary Hospital’s Top 10 Blogs of 2014

HappiestDogAlthough we’re not counting down the music hits of the year or making resolutions for 2015 (at least publicly), we ARE enjoying reviewing our blog readership over the past twelve months. When we started our blog, it was our objective to help pet owners provide the best care for their pets and encourage safety, veterinary care, and prevention in every facet of their pets’ lives.

In the coming year, we hope to continue to offer the most educational, timely, and relevant blog articles for our most discriminating, informed pet parent. Continue…

A Year In Review at Rocklin Ranch: Looking Back And Moving Ahead

iStock_000040947760_LargeThis year ushered in some rather exciting and unforgettable events at RRVH. It has been a whirlwind, action-packed year for all of us (does anyone else remember that truck crashing into the brand new dog-walking area?) and we are taking this moment to pause, reflect, and celebrate the events and changes we experienced here. Continue…

Dog Coats and Pet Sweaters: Finding the Perfect Fit

iStock_000030879648_LargeFashion may dictate which coats, scarves, and other accessories we buy for ourselves this holiday season, but selecting a functional or fashionable winter or rain coat (or footwear) for your canine shouldn’t mean compromising fit and quality.

There are numerous winter clothing options available for dogs (and even cats). It can be overwhelming, though, to understand what you really need and how to select the right size.

To help you take the mystery out of winter clothing for pets, we’ve put together some helpful tips to consider while shopping for the perfect pet coat, boots, and other seasonal clothing. Continue…

Holiday Gifts That Will Knock Your Pet’s Socks Off

iStock_000051511110_LargeIf you are like us, you have a long list of people to shop for this holiday season, and a decreasing amount of time to accomplish it all. A trusted ally in the  holiday gift-giving blitz, your pet may keep your holiday surprises from other family members, but where is he or she on your list?

If you haven’t yet thought about what to possibly give your pet or you have trouble making up your mind, Rocklin Ranch Veterinary Hospital would like to offer some ideas to help you knock the socks of your pet this holiday season. Assuming, of course, that your pet wears socks… Continue…

Planning Ahead for Your Pet: Preparing a Pet Emergency Plan

iStock_000015811630_LargeDespite our best efforts, life is anything but predictable. We never know just what turn the future may take, and a little planning does a lot to help smooth the road ahead. Because our pets depend on us for so much, it is important that we remember them when planning for life’s unexpected events.

When expecting the unexpected for our pets, be sure to:

Gather Your Pet’s Information

Having all of your pet’s important information in a centralized, easily accessible location is vital. In this information be sure to include:

  • Your pet’s regular veterinarian’s name and phone number
  • Contact information for an emergency veterinarian
  • Names of pet sitters or family members who are able to care for your pet if you can’t
  • Your pet’s care information including diet (and where to purchase if not widely available), medications, and any medical problems
  • Vaccine history and any pertinent medical records
  • Continue…

    Exercise and Weight Management: The Keys to Optimal Pet Health

    beagle in kitchenPost-Thanksgiving is usually a time for looking disdainfully at the scale and thinking of the many ways we may have overindulged. But few of us consider how the holidays can also be a serious risk to our pets’ health. Like us, our pets can be susceptible to obesity as well as be at risk for pancreatitis and other health issues linked to a high-fat or imbalanced diet.

    November is Diabetes Awareness Month, and it is also when we start seeing many more cases of pancreatitis and other food-related digestive issues. In light of the upcoming perils of Thanksgiving overeating and holiday treats, we thought it would be a great time to discuss ways in which you and your family can help your pet stay fit and healthy – and out of our pet emergency. Continue…