The Pet Coworker: Helping Your Pet Behave While You Work from Home

Working with your dog

It can be hard enough to stay focused when you work from home… Between piles of laundry, devices, the fridge, and so many other distractions, it’s a challenge to get work done. 

Then, there is Fido and Fluffy and their attempts to get your attention every few minutes. Since many of us are working from home these days, training your pet to adjust to this new lifestyle is crucial.

Rocklin Ranch Veterinary Hospital has some pointers to help helping your pet behave during those crunch time work hours.

5 Tips For Helping Your Pet Behave as You Work from Home

You’re in the middle of another (boring) conference call when your dog decides it’s time to practice their vocalization skills by howling. Or, you are about to finish up a major project when your cat sits on the keyboard, erasing a big chunk of the proposal. 

The idea of working at home with your pet seems nice, but it can be a headache when they are in the middle of what you are trying to work on. The solution? Make a few simple changes to ensure that the day goes smoothly. 

  1. Set up a designated office space. Use a home office or separate room that is off limits to your fur friend. Creating a space that is dedicated to work can help you keep your focus. This will also give your pet a better understanding that when you go into the room, you are essentially doing something they cannot participate in. Stick to other areas of the home to play with and snuggle your bestie.
  2. Establish times for your pet. Before you start work, make sure to exercise your pet so they are less anxious during the day. Scheduling times to interact with your pet, such as your “lunch break” can help you to focus during the work day. A lunch break date can include a brisk walk to the park, a game using a laser pointer, or fetch in the backyard.
  3. Give your pet plenty to do. A busy pet is less bothersome because they have activities to entertain them. Choose from an assortment of challenging games, treat puzzles, and new toys. Rotate toys regularly to keep interest high.
  4. Pop in to play. Each time you take a 5 minute break, check on your pet, giving them some pats or a quick game of tug of war or feather chase. Taking frequent breaks from the computer to stretch, hydrate, and greet your furry one is good for both of you.
  5. Consider doggie daycare or a pet sitter. If you are too engrossed in the day’s projects, or have a major deadline, hire someone to come by and get your pet for the day. Doggie daycare is also a great solution to keep your pet socialized and entertained.

More Advice on Helping Your Pet Adjust to Your Workday

Helping your pet adjust to this new arrangement will be great for them to learn that change doesn’t have to be bad. They can be rewarded! Please call our team with any additional questions.