The Real Deal on Safe Pet Products

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Safety is important to pet owners and is something we keep in mind when purchasing food and toys for our pets. Most of us feel secure when we purchase something from a pet supply store – after all, they wouldn’t be selling it if it wasn’t ok for our pets, right?

Not necessarily. Like most of the products in our modern world, the majority of pet toys, chews, and even food products come from China. In light of recent allegations of lead and other contaminants in Chinese-made pet products, the team at Rocklin Ranch Veterinary Hospital wants to make sure pet owners understand the importance of safe pet products and how to find them.

Label Confusion

Figuring out which pet food to purchase can be challenging. Labels that say “Made In The USA” don’t guarantee that ingredients were sourced in the United States. In many cases, pet food companies purchase ingredients from overseas; as long as the food is packaged in the U.S., companies are allowed to use the label.

It can be extremely difficult to figure out where pet food manufacturers are sourcing their ingredients. The FDA doesn’t test every batch of pet food (not even close), so the only way to know where each ingredient comes from is to call the manufacturer and ask.

Safe Pet Products?

Since 2007, thousands of pets have fallen ill and many have died as a result of consuming chicken, duck, and vegetable jerky treats from China. Additionally, independent testing from several reputable laboratories has revealed higher-than-acceptable levels of lead and other toxins in some pet toys made in China. Petco and PetSmart have also stopped selling toys and treats from China.

If you’re looking for companies that sell safe pet products, consider products from Westpaw or Titan.

Here for You

As pet owners become more educated and more selective, pet food and pet product manufacturers are slowly taking notice. Keep doing your research, and don’t be afraid to call companies and ask questions. You can also contact the team at Rocklin Ranch Veterinary Hospital with any concerns you have about safe pet products.

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