Volunteering to Help Animals and Other Generous Acts of Kindness

Pet AdoptionDuring National Volunteer Week, April 12–18, people across the country will feel extra-inspired to lend their time, talents, and resources to help a myriad of causes, from humanitarian aid to animal welfare. Many pet parents are also interesting in volunteering to help pets by offering to take on the task of so many different and needed services.

Volunteering to Help Animals in Shelters

No matter what your particular gift or expertise happens to be, there are numerous opportunities for volunteerism at humane societies, shelters, and rescues throughout the Rocklin area. Many pet lovers find direct care volunteerism to be where their heart is, while others like to offer professional support services.

Here are some of the ways you can help your local shelter:

  • Dog walking and cat snuggling
  • Adoption counseling and assistance
  • Greeting people and answering the phones
  • Graphic or web design and photography
  • Mobile adoptions support
  • While these are generally in-demand needs at shelters, the best way to learn more about what types of volunteer opportunities are available is to simply call and inquire.

    Raising Awareness Through Advocacy

    Whether you are passionate about urban wildlife issues, spay and neuter programs, or putting a stop to puppy mills, there are numerous causes that rely on citizen action and voice. Look for groups whose missions align with your area of focus. From joining a campaign to raise awareness through voting, to letter writing campaigns, petitions, or tabling at local events, there are some great ways to get the word out about a cause that is near and dear to you.

    Acting as an Animal Education Mentor

    One of the great things about volunteering as an educator, is knowing you can help shape the next generation of animal protectors!

    Many animal organizations and shelters seek out individuals to help provide education and information on topics that impact animals, such as why chaining dogs in the backyard is cruel, to simple ways kids can help pets stay healthy, to the wonderful reasons to adopt pets versus buying them.

    Organizing Drives and Fundraisers

    If you are a natural when it comes to raising money and support, most shelters and animal-based nonprofits have limited budget and depend on donations to care for thousands of animals rescued each year. Whether you opt for a neighborhood garage sale fundraiser or a pet food drive at your place of employment, these financial support campaigns and supply drives are always greatly needed and deeply appreciated.

    Foster a Pet (or Pets)

    Shelters can be crowded, scary places for cats, dogs, and other animals in need of housing and care. Through fostering, you provide a healthier, safer, and much less stressful environment for an animal who needs you while also offering opportunities for socialization. Many shelters offer training and information sessions for would-be foster pet parents, too.

    We hope we’ve inspired you with some ideas for volunteering your time to help animals in need. Volunteering is a wonderful way to bring the family together to work on a heartwarming, meaningful project. There are so many ways to create positive change and we thank you for giving so generously of yourself during National Volunteer Week and throughout the year.