Water Safety Tips for Pets and People

Water safety tips for pets can make swimming with pets fun!Is your favorite pastime boating on a beautiful lake or swimming in your own backyard? Water is a summertime must, and when you have a dog, there’s no limit to the fun you can have together! However, water activities can also be dangerous to both animals and people. To protect your furry loved one, here are a few water safety tips for pets.

Pool Safety

Pool tragedies aren’t unheard of, but accidental drownings are especially tragic when they happen to our youngest family members. Our pets are no exception. Here are some effective water safety tips for pets:

  • Close off the pool with perimeter fencing.  
  • Invest in a pool alarm that will alert you anytime someone is in the pool when they shouldn’t be.
  • Install pet ramps that make it easy for your fur friend to exit the pool.
  • Show your pet (and kids) all the exit points to the pool before allowing them to swim.
  • Supervise pets and kids at all times when they are in the water.
  • Rather than a full-size pool, consider having your pet or child play in a kiddie pool instead.
  • Give both pets and children swimming lessons.

Lakes and Other Bodies of Water

When it comes to lakes, oceans, and rivers, the same rules of pool safety apply. Here are some other pertinent tips for enjoying natural bodies of water with your pet:

  • Avoid swimming on windy days or during inclement weather, especially during lightning or impending storms.
  • Stay in shallow water when out on the ocean.
  • Always remain near your pet or child.
  • Provide your pet and/or child with a well-fitting life preserver.
  • Life preservers should always be worn, even when on the boat.
  • Make sure you have an escape plan for your pet or child, such as a ramp/ladder or a handle attached to a life preserver for easy hoisting.

Water Safety Tips for Pets and People

Keep in mind that outdoor activities also require a focus on heat awareness. Keep everyone hydrated by offering fresh, clean water throughout the day and access to plenty of shade. If there are no trees or you’re on a boat or beach, bring pop-up shades and umbrellas.

Watch out for broken glass, fishing line and hooks, and other debris that are common on shorelines. Also be aware of sand and other hot surfaces, which can cause severe burns to the feet and paw pads.

Oh, and don’t forget to use a pet formulated sunscreen!

Want more water safety tips for pets? Don’t hesitate to call the team at Rocklin Ranch Veterinary Hospital. Have a great time on the water!