Well, Well, Well..ness Visits—Dog Wellness Visits Straight from the Pupper’s Mouth

Dog wellness.

Doggo here, comin’ to talk to you about my frens at Rocklin Ranch Veterinary Hospital and how they work with my hoomans to keep me feelin’ goods so I can sniff, play, and cuddle every day. Although I might gives you a face when you say we goin’ to the vet, I know you are just tryin’ to keep me healthy so I can have a longer life with you, my favorite hooman.

Dog Wellness from Doggo

We’ve been to the vet enuff times for me to know what to expects. After saying hi to my frens at the front desk, I have to step on the scale so everyone around can see how much I weighz. I always hope this number is not too big or I stop getting so many treats…and I love treats. When we go back to the quiet room, I know I’m bout to gets lots of attention to seeing:

  • If I Have Any Bugz: Sometimes stoopid bugz climb onto my fur or into my tummy without me knowing. The doc will check over my floof to see if there are any ugly strangers like fleas, ticks, or other parasites. They will also checks for signs of heartworm and rabies to make sure I healthy enough to keep playing outsides and with my furry frens. 
  • If My Bloods Looks Good: Sometimes the vet gives me a pinch and I don’t like it. But they do the pinch so they can look at my blood and make sure I is healthy and strong. Doggos hate giving blood, but we likes being healthy. 
  • If My Teef Look Strong: I use my teef a lot, and it’s hard to be happy when I have an ouch in the mouff. The vet looks inside my mouff to make sure there are no boo-boos that make it hard to eat or might make me sick.
  • If My Hooman Has Any Questions: The vet and my hooman always talk for a long time during my doggo wellness checks. My hooman asks questions like, “Is he caught up on vaccines, or “what’s the best kind of food for my doggo?” To be honest, I stop paying attention once they mention food because I start drooling thinking about my next meal! But I think they probably talks about some other important things.

Staying Well at Home

I know it’s important for me to visit the vet at least once a year, but there are some things we need to dos at home, too, to make sure I stay healthy:

  • Exercise: I needs to run and jump and play every day (okay, maybe not all of those each day, but I do need to get at least a little exercise).
  • Love: I loves my hooman more than anything, and I do the best when they show they love me too. I will gladly accept belly rubs or treats to fulfill this purpose.
  • Other Doggos: Even if I’m the only doggo in my house, I do need the occasional play date with a doggo fren.
  • Toys: I love toyssss! Chewing is my favorite, but some toys can also help keep my brains working well.
  • Attention: I can’t talk to most hoomans, but my hooman knows me better than anyone. If you ever see something wrong with me, please call my frens at Rocklin Ranch Veterinary Hospital to get me the help I need. 

Whether you are looking to schedule your next dog wellness visit or you have questions about your pet’s health, the team at Rocklin Ranch Veterinary Hospital is always here for you. Call (916) 624‑PETS (7387) to learn more!