Why We Love Living with Cats

Gray cat side view portraitSure, some people are allergic, don’t like to scoop litter, or maybe don’t really appreciate those fur tumbleweeds that glide across the kitchen floor… They may question why living with cats is enjoyable, preferring a gregarious canine to the independent, low-key feline. Yes, we have all heard those “crazy cat lady” jokes until they’re really gotten old (seriously, they have).

Frankly, the world seems to revolve around dogs and their needs, while quiet, unassuming cats just can’t get the respect they deserve.

But, there are some major advantages to living with a cats that those of us who have them without a doubt know. And, these make us adore our meow friends even more.

Ten Reasons That Make Living with Cats Wonderful

If you’ve been reluctant to let your Cat Lady/Gent flag fly, now is the time to celebrate. Here are some of our favorite reasons for cohabiting with a cat companion.

  1. The ultimate “chill on the couch” companion – Sometimes, after a long, hard day at work, you just want a mellow evening of TV or reading. Cats are more than content to be your couch buddy (and, hey, no walking required).
  2. Adventures in hide-and-seek – Cats make it possible to have a scavenger hunt in the comfort of your home every day – don’t know what I mean? Just look under the couch, in the cushions, behind the fridge…you get the idea.
  3. Small space, no problem – Many of us are downsizing by choosing to live in smaller homes and apartments. Felines make the most of these small spaces by being mini acrobats and Houdini-level hiders.
  4. Resident coworker – How many times have you had to scoot your napping kitty off of your paperwork or keyboard? Cats love to supervise when it comes to getting a job or task done right.
  5. Cold weather feet warmer – Although it is far from frigid around our region, there’s nothing better than a cozy blanket and a curled up, warm cat companion at your feet.
  6. People assessor – Cats are pretty incredible at “reading” people and seem to know who the good guys/gals are with piercing discernment. (And, this intuition could have spared you a few dating disasters, am I right?)
  7. Class act comedy – There’s a reason why Caturday is the new Saturday. Grab a video camera and wait for your furry, daredevil comedian to put on a show.
  8. The ultimate creepy-crawly exterminator – Those afraid of insects no longer need to live in fear with a cat in the house.
  9. Purrs are like praise – It’s kind of like having a high five and a hug every time you hear the soothing sound of a happy cat.
  10. Good for your health – Petting a cat has been shown to alleviate stress and lower blood pressure. So what are you waiting for?

Cats, although not always as “in your face” with it as dogs, bring plenty of affection, warmth, and laughter to any home. As a cat guardian, these facts are nothing new. But, if you are considering adopting a pet, consider a cat. Felines are fastidious, quiet, and simply love to just spend time with you… your life will be enriched with a new whiskered companion to share it with.

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