Rocklin Ranch Boarding Pricing

We offer a variety of enclosures for your pet to ensure a comfortable and happy boarding experience. If you aren't sure what type of space is best for your pet please stop by for a tour of our spacious facility.

All prices listed are per night and maximum weight limits may apply - see staff for details.


Small Enclosure (24"x30"): $25.30/night
Medium Enclosure (30"x30") $28.60/night
Large Enclosure (36"x30") $30.81/night
Run Enclosure (68"x40") $45.10/night
Junior Suite* (72"x52") $58.31/night
Master Suite* (78"x58") $64.90/night


Single Condo: $21.79/night
Deluxe Condo: $35.20/night for 1st pet + $13.21/night add'l pet


Feline: Deluxe Condo Only: 1st pet: $32.00, 2nd pet $12.00 (maximum 2 pets)
Canine: Run Enclosure: 1st pet: $41.00, Add'l pet: $18.71/night
Junior Suite*: 1st pet: $53.00, Add'l pet: $24.21/night
Master Suite*: 1st pet: $59.00, Add'l pet: $24.21/night

*Junior and Master Suites are beautifully themed so your pet can take a vacation while you do. Suites also offer a window view and televisions inside for your pet's viewing pleasure.

Holiday and Medical Boarding Fees

Boarding with Medications - $6.11 per pet/night
Holiday Boarding - $11.34 per pet/per holiday night

We are happy to board your pets who require medications and/or supplements. All medications/supplements must arrive in the bottle they were prescribed in. This is to help ensure that your pet is receiving the correct medication and dosage. There is a per night charge for medication/supplement administration.

For peak holiday seasons payment is due at the time the reservation is scheduled, there is also an additional charge for holiday boarding. Should you need to cancel your reservation 72 hours advance notice is required for a full refund. Early pick ups may not be eligible for refunds.