The Great Escape: The Importance of Pet Microchips

Pet Microchips help a lost pet become a found pet

Summer is the time for relaxing in your yard, hosting BBQs, and marveling over fireworks. Unfortunately, it’s also a time of year when pets tend to go missing after they escape from their homes or yards. It only takes a split second for your pet to scoot out a gate left open by the gardener, or to dig under (or jump!) a fence when scared by fireworks.

For these reasons and more, we’re going to explore the world of pet microchips, and give you some tips to make them even more effective if your pet already has one.

Lost Pets

Surveys show that one in three pets will go missing in their lifetimes, and The Humane Society of the United States estimates that only 2-5% of lost cats and 30% of missing dogs are ever reunited with their owners. But these numbers increase if the pet has a microchip because microchipping works.


Lost and Found: The Benefits of Microchipping Your Pet

Rocklin_iStock_000037155780_LargeYour best efforts to keep your pet safe and securely at home can quickly go awry. Luckily, posting forlorn “lost pet” posters around your neighborhood is not the only means of reuniting with Fluffy or Fido. Microchipping your pet is a safe and easy method to locating your lost or stolen pet, and we are excited to share the benefits of this widely-used practice below. Continue…

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