Nutritional Guidance for Rocklin Pets

In human nutrition, we understand that health is greatly affected by the type of diet a person consumes. The same can be said for pet nutrition and ongoing health and quality of life for pets.

Quality Pet Food

The wide variety of pet foods available in today’s market make evaluating options more and more difficult for conscientious pet owners. Ingredient lists and the breakdown of nutritional components can be confusing and even misleading. Rocklin Ranch Veterinary Hospital’s expert team has in-depth nutritional training and will assist you in selecting the pet food that is best suited for your dog or cat, as well as for your family’s budget.

Special Diets for Pet Health Conditions

Even as human health conditions require diets low in sodium or with higher fiber, pet health conditions often warrant specially formulated pet foods. We carry a full assortment of prescriptive pet food diets for conditions such as:

  • Kidney disease
  • Liver disease
  • Heart disease
  • Pet food allergies
  • Weight reduction
  • Digestive issues

Avoiding Pet Obesity

Maintaining optimal weight results in many positive benefits, including:

  • Increased pet energy
  • Increased pet comfort
  • Decreased risk of many health issues
  • Greater lifespan
  • Enhanced quality of life

Feeding the correct types and amounts of food combined with a proper exercise plan protects pets and deepens the human-to-pet bond through playtime, walks, and general interaction.

Whether you need to start your new puppy or kitten off on the best nutritional path or whether your senior pet is ready for a diet formulated for aging pets, the dedicated team of Rocklin Ranch Veterinary Hospital will work with you to provide options that will keep your pet in excellent condition.