In-House Veterinary Pharmacy in Rocklin CA

For the convenience of our clients and the safety of our patients, Rocklin Ranch Veterinary Hospital maintains a fully stocked in-house pharmacy to meet the needs of area pets.

Can’t I just order pet medications through an online company?

Online veterinary pharmacies have provided pet owners with more diverse options, but they have also created the problem of ensuring safety and quality when making medical purchases. Rocklin Ranch Veterinary Hospital’s doctors have carefully selected only the best distributors and products to make available through our in-house veterinary pharmacy.

Why should I use a pharmacy specific for pets?

Animals respond differently to medications than humans do, making some human versions of pharmaceuticals very dangerous to pets. While a pharmacist who has specialized in human medications understands human physiology and metabolism, he or she is unlikely to have had any training on the differences between humans and pets and between different kinds of animals. Unfortunately, every year a number of pets fall prey to mistakes made by well-intentioned human pharmacies.

Our veterinarians have extensive training in proper dosages and types of medications for treating the vast number of pet conditions. We also pursue continuing education so that we can recommend the most recently developed and best types of treatments for your pet.

Does your pharmacy stock items other than pet prescriptive medications?

In addition to stocking pet medications, our pharmacy carries specialized pet care items, such as medicated shampoos, dental care kits, prescriptive diets, and parasite prevention products. We also maintain contacts with reputable distributors should your pet require a less commonly carried product. We can place special orders and have them directly shipped to your door.

If you have any questions about our product line or regularly stocked products, please contact the helpful team of Rocklin Ranch Veterinary Hospital.