Let’s Get to Know Your New Puppy or Kitten

It’s exciting when you welcome a new pet into your family, and Rocklin Ranch Veterinary Hospital wants to help you keep him or her happy and healthy right from the start. The best way to do this is to establish a program of regular examinations as soon as possible after your new pet joins your family.

Early intervention can help reduce the chance of serious illness. We always prefer preventing illness to having to treat a resulting illness. We will recommend the appropriate vaccinations for your pet’s age and situation. Immunizing your pet is important because the immunities passed on to a young animal by its mother usually last only a few weeks. Physical examinations and vaccinations given at 8, 12, and 16 weeks are a simple way to protect against disease and help ensure that your pet grows to be a happy, healthy adult.

Kitten & Puppy Visits: Early and Often

Your pet’s early visits are useful to begin desensitization of the nails and teeth to help make future nail trimming and dental examinations a lot more comfortable for everyone. We also offer complimentary nail trims so that your new pet will become more comfortable being held by different people. Frequent, positive contact with our staff members from an early age enhances your pet’s future interactions with your family and other people.

Behavior advice and education are part of each visit. Being the “Alpha Person” with your puppy or kitten will make obedience and potty training much more effective. We are happy to instruct you about the best methods of pet care, as well as how to help instill good behavior right from the beginning.

Pet Nutrition Information

Because pet obesity is such an easily avoidable health problem, we are glad to talk about nutrition issues with you so that your new family member establishes good eating and exercise habits. Feeding your pet the right kind and amount of food from the day they come home will help to prevent health problems caused by nutritional deficits or being overweight.

Rocklin Ranch Veterinary Hospital’s veterinarians will work with you as your pet grows from a puppy into a healthy adult and then matures to be a faithful senior pet, living a healthy, long, and happy life.