Hoppy Spring: Pet Friendly Easter Ideas

A bunny among cloverFrom plush bunnies to candy-filled baskets, Easter can be one of the most whimsical holidays of the year. As a family-oriented holiday, you may be looking for some pet friendly Easter ideas that keep your pet both safe and included in the fun. That’s why the team at Rocklin Ranch Veterinary Hospital has compiled the following list.

4 Easy, Pet Friendly Easter Ideas

  1. Make a pet Easter basket. Easter baskets aren’t just for kids. Get creative and crafty by surprising your pet with his or her own bountiful basket (but don’t use plastic grass!). Consider including:

  • Favorite pet treats (in moderation)
  • A few baby carrots or green beans
  • Homemade pet biscuits or cookies
  • Stuffed toys that can be safely demolished
  • A dental chew bone
  • Wild oat grass (cat grass)
  • New toys
  • New bedding or other pet supplies
  1. Create a furry photo op (with bunny ears of course!). One of the cutest ways to commemorate the holiday is with some funny or just plain sweet pictures. Capture the feel of the season with some bunny ears or stage a portrait shot with his or her pet Easter basket!
  2. Coordinate an Easter “egg” hunt. This can be an especially fun pet friendly Easter idea. Collect some large plastic eggs, tennis balls, or favorite toys that can’t be swallowed. Hide them all over a park or your backyard. Invite fellow dog lovers to participate for even more merriment and exercise.
  3. Enjoy the beautiful spring weather. If you don’t celebrate Easter, you can still have a special day with your pet by spending time together outside. From lively games of fetch to an impromptu road trip to a new hiking spot, spring is one of the best times to enjoy the great outdoors.

Easter Pet Safety

Now that you have a few pet friendly Easter ideas, this is also a good time to review some springtime safety basics.

When cooking up a holiday feast or celebrating with loved ones, keep the following toxic items off your pet’s menu:

  • Lilies, daffodils, crocuses, and hyacinths
  • Chocolate
  • Most people foods (which can be toxic or can lead to pancreatitis)
  • Alcohol
  • Products containing Xylitol (common sugar substitute)
  • Easter basket grass
  • Decorations or small toys that can be ingested

We also want to stress that live animals such as bunnies, chicks, and ducklings are not appropriate Easter gifts. Many of these young animals need special care and can be harmed inadvertently by children. All pets require thoughtful consideration and a lifelong commitment before being brought into a home. Simply opt for stuffed bunnies instead!

From all of us to our favorite pets and pet parents, we wish you a Happy Easter!