Does Your Warm and Fuzzy Give You the Warm And Fuzzies? Celebrate National Cat Day!


ULVH_iStock_000011073323_Medium.jpgIf you’ve ever spent a significant amount of time watching Keyboard Cat or musing at lolcats, chances are, you’re a cat person who relishes the full spectrum of fine feline qualities. The internet has provided such an incredible forum for cat lovers to meet and unite in communal appreciation that, like a dog park for canine lovers, elevates the experience of owning – or belonging to – a cat.

As such, running an internet search for descriptive quotes about cats, you could be at your screen for hours. This veritable sea of quotes spans the ages – from royal scribes in ancient Egypt to modern day writers – and unilaterally boasts the long-lasting and powerful relationship between humans and felines.

National Cat Day, on October 29th, provides an opportunity to reflect on why your cat is special, and we’re here to help. Continue…

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