Should You Crate Train Your Cat? The Answer May Surprise You

A cat in a kitty carrier

For a species that loves cardboard boxes, it’s odd that cats generally loathe crates or travel kennels. Perhaps it’s the feeling of being trapped, an alarming, sudden loss of control, or an earlier travel experience that was unpleasant, but cats are notoriously difficult to get inside their crates. 

However, with a proper and patient approach, you can absolutely crate train your cat – and the payoff may resonate for years to come.

It’s Cat-a-Logical

High numbers of cats miss out on routine wellness care and disease prevention simply because it’s impossible to get them into the car. 

When a cat’s crate becomes a happy, relaxing place to retreat to, travel and moving are easily achieved. What’s more, if you ever have to leave your home in an emergency situation, your cat can remain safe in their crate and ready to evacuate with you.


Crate Training a Cat: Yes, It’s Possible!

Crate Trained CatLet’s face it; when most of us think about crate training, we associate the practice with dogs. But cats? Not so much.

Contrary to what you might think, crate training cats is a real and doable thing. Not only that, but doing so is in your cat’s best interest. Much like dogs, crate training cats can help you and your kitty avoid problem behaviors. By giving your cat a space of his or her own, you can instill a sense of safety and personal space for your cat. This will help keep him or her safe and sound when it’s needed the most. Continue…