The Compelling Canine: Fun Dog Facts

Rocklin, CA dog driving car

You may think that you know (wo)man’s best friend, but even as veterinary professionals, the team at  Rocklin Ranch Veterinary Hospital manages to learn new things about our canine companions from time to time.

Want to know more? Here are a few of our favorite fun dog facts!

Historical Hounds

Dogs have been part of people’s lives for a very long time; in fact the first domesticated wolves are believed to have been people’s partners around 15,000 years ago. There is evidence, though, that dogs and people  may go back even further after the finding of a 35,000 year old Siberian wolf bone that shares some DNA with modern dogs. 

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How to Love a Dog and Be Loved in Return

love a dogThere are some people out there who are natural animal lovers. They seem to intuit the needs and emotions of animals and also have the ability to respond accordingly. Understanding animal body language comes easily, and they can put a pet at ease quickly.

Other folks can only dream of high-level human-animal companionship and may have to learn about animal behaviors the hard way. No biggie! With a bit of determination, patience, and a positive can-do attitude, you can learn how to love a dog – and, what’s more, be loved in return.


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