A brown dog pantingIf you have ever tried to rent an apartment with a pet, you know that it can be a little bit of a pain. Pet deposits, care stipulations, and even breed restrictions can leave pet owners feeling overwhelmed and even a little bit hurt. After all, why is someone with a Rottweiler sent packing even if the dog is an obedience champion?

There are quite a few misunderstood dog breeds out there. Take a minute to learn who they are, how they are discriminated against, and what you can do to set the record straight. Continue…

It’s That Time Again: National Dog Week Is Here!

A black, brown, and white dogThe end of September is a time of transition in most households. In the hectic days that mark the shift from summer to fall activities, it’s easy to overlook our canine family members, who are likely feeling the stress of these busy days as much as we are. That’s where National Dog Week comes in!

National Dog week was founded in 1928 by Will Judy, decorated World War I veteran and longtime publisher of Dog World Magazine. Judy created National Dog Week as a means to educate and enlighten dog owners and their communities and as a tribute to the deep and ancient bond between human and dog. Continue…

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