Good Combo? The Truth About Holiday Plants and Pets

Peace at ChristmasIt’s possible that your pet shows little interest in your recently purchased potted beauty, but if it’s wrapped in shiny red or green material, take heed. While certain holiday plants add a great deal to your home’s holiday aesthetic, they have the frightening potential to cause a pet emergency. Your friends at Rocklin Ranch understand these concerns and offer the best tips concerning holiday plants and pets.

All the Pretty Little Things

With all the sparkles, glitter, and blinking lights, the holidays take on a certain magical quality. Likewise, bannisters wrapped in garlands of evergreen and decorative wreaths and centerpieces add a warm holiday appeal to any home. If you can keep these holiday plants and pets apart, you’ll be taking preventive measures against a potential poisoning or other emergency.


The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year: Celebrating The Holidays With Pets

A basset hound celebrating with their humansIt’s that time of year again. The season of decorating, baking, planning, and of course, shopping! Many of us consider our pets full-fledged family members and couldn’t imagine not including them in our holiday celebrations.

Here at Rocklin Ranch we want your pet to enjoy the holidays right along with you. Since we know that each pet is as special and unique as a snowflake we have come up with a list of our favorite gift ideas for your furry friends. Continue…

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