So Many Reasons to Love Them! The Health Benefits of Pets

Rocklin_iStock_000017127254_LargeAs pet owners ourselves, we know that there is no denying the love shared between pets and their people. Whether it’s having your cat purr on your chest as you cry yourself to sleep from a broken heart, or the boundless joy your dog has upon your return (whether it’s been five minutes, or five hours); it can be hard to imagine life without our furry friends by our side.

Most of us won’t deny the fact that animal companionship enriches our life. But did you know that medical research has proven time and time again that sharing your life with a pet, even if it’s something simple as a turtle or goldfish, can have a significantly positive impact on your physical and mental health?

In celebration of Love Your Pet Day (February 20, 2015), let’s look at some of the reasons we should all have fuzzy friends in our lives: Continue…