The Big Picture: Our Best Remedies for Itchy Pets

Doggy Gets PleasureOf all veterinary ailments, it’s easy to assume that treating the raw, inflamed skin of itchy pets is manageable – but determining specific triggers is anything but. Indeed, the only thing worse than a fiery skin attack is not knowing the reason behind such a fierce reaction.

Unmistakable Signs

We all know that animals lick and scratch themselves. However, if your pet can’t seem to stop and continues to pick at certain areas, it’s time to schedule an appointment. Continue…

Can You Spot Seasonal Allergies in Your Pet?

miniature pinscher scratchingSpring is finally in the air! The days are longer, the weather is warmer, and spring flowers are starting to bloom. Unfortunately, this means that seasonal allergies are also in full bloom – for humans and pets alike. But do you know how to spot seasonal allergies in your pet?

Many pet owners don’t recognize the symptoms of their pet’s allergies when they flare up. Your dog or cat’s spring allergies are more likely to manifest as itchy skin than the sniffles and sneezes we commonly associate with seasonal allergies.

Types of Pet Allergies

There are three types of allergies we see dogs and cats develop: environmental allergies, food allergies, and flea allergies. While food allergies are a problem all year, we see a dramatic increase in environmental and flea allergies when the weather warms up.

Seasonal allergies and flea allergies cause skin irritation. The first clue that these allergies are developing in our pets include: