Make Your Own Pet Pill Pockets

Pet pill pockets.

While it’s certainly convenient to simply purchase commercially made pet pill pockets, it’s not always economical for pet owners–or tasty for pets. Solving the problem of masking medication has never been easier than making your own pet pill pockets customized with your pet’s health (and taste buds) in mind.

The Grand Design

Pet pill pockets are, by design, very simple, but store-bought versions can add up fast for pet owners that need to give daily, or multiple medications, throughout the day (think $8-13 for 30 pockets). Similarly, pets that depend on medications for life can be keen on spitting out the required dose when it comes via a tasteless pill pocket.


Keep Your Feline Friend Happy With a Catio

catioIf you’re a cat fancier who loves to keep up with trends in the world of pets, you might have heard about the “catio.”  Like a patio, catios provide access to the outdoors for our meow pals, but in a way that’s safe.

Keep reading to learn more about why a catio is so cool and how you can provide your loveable friend with hours of entertainment and fresh air.


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