Achoo No More? Finding Pets For Allergy Sufferers

Kiss Dog and childHave you recently been diagnosed as being allergic to dogs or cats? Or perhaps you’ve always been an allergy sufferer and are struggling to find a furbaby that doesn’t trigger your symptoms?

When it comes to finding pets for allergy sufferers, it helps to understand your allergies as well as knowing how to control your symptoms. With some effort and patience, it is possible for a pet allergy sufferer to live comfortably with a four-legged friend.

Pets For Allergy Sufferers

Certain pet breeds are advertised as “hypoallergenic”, but the truth is that such a thing simply does not exist. The culprit in most pet allergy cases is not pet hair, as was previously thought, but rather dander (small bits of skin shed by dogs, cats, rodents, and birds), saliva, and urine. Continue…