The Straight Story on Whisker Fatigue

It’s not always the easiest thing to grasp what your cat is doing – or why. Sure, they can have some odd or questionable proclivities, but if you’re hip to feline behavior and good at reading their body language, you’ll have a better time understanding what drives them. 

The concept of whisker fatigue is on the periphery for most cat owners, yet it’s something that can cause intense distress for their furry friends.

Amazing Anatomy

Cat whiskers are absolutely incredible. Aside from sending messages to the brain about a cat’s surroundings, these powerful vibrissae detect air currents, allow cats to hunt accurately, help them jump and climb with precision, and inform them when it’s time to blink or retreat from a space. They also inform others of a cat’s mood. 

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Hitting the Jackpot Through Loving Senior Cat Care

A close-up of an aging Maine Coon cat laying the the grass

If you’ve had your cat since they were a kitten, you might look back at those early years with nostalgia. Yet, there’s really nothing like living in syncopation with an older cat. They might be set in their ways, sure, but they are also carefully attuned with the rhythms and patterns of the household. 

However familiar they may be, senior cat care isn’t anything to take for granted. Your aging or senior cat’s ongoing good health stems from your continual assessment and staying in front of any age-related issues.


The Coughing Kitty: Is it More Than a Hairball?

iStock_000015945987_MediumVery few of us feline fanciers get away with not cleaning up a hairball or two (or two hundred) in our lifetime. You can hear it a mile away, that low hack that comes from the living room or on our bed with that fancy new quilt we just purchased… While it is easy to assume the common hairball is the cause of a kitty cough, it may instead be a persistent cough or frequent vomiting that can indicate underlying health issues.

There are numerous reasons for our cat to cough, sneeze, or vomit. Certainly, determining factors such as frequency, duration, recent exposure to boarding facilities or other animals, and overall health need to be considered before assuming it is a simple matter. Continue…