Popular Toys for Pets You Won’t Want to Miss

Rocklin CA Dog with Pet Toy

Pet toys are important components of health and happiness for pets. The right selection of toys provides mental stimulation, much-needed exercise, and fun – but finding that perfect toy for your little sweetie isn’t always easy. After all, toys can get boring quickly, ripped apart easily, or even be dangerous for your pet. 

We have come up with a list of popular pet toys sure to please even the pickiest furry friend. Our selections are safe, non-toxic, fun, and won’t collect dust in the corner of your living room!


Making Daily Exercise More Fun for Your Pet (and for You!)

A golden retriever on a walk with their ownerWho doesn’t get into a bit of a rut when it comes to exercise (or simply forgo it altogether in favor of that comfy couch!)? Keeping things interesting in the fitness department can take some motivation and imagination, and like you, your pet may also grow bored with the same old routine.

Since exercise is an essential part of overall health for every animal, finding ways to make exercise more fun for your pet is a great way to support his or her wellbeing. To help up your game when it comes to appropriate exercise and activities, the team at Rocklin Ranch have some great boredom busting solutions.