People Go Crazy For It, But What About Pumpkin Spice For Pets?

A dog eating a pumpkin slice

You can go ahead and try, but each fall it gets increasingly harder to escape “pumpkin spice”. It’s everywhere! People definitely go crazy for pumpkin spice lattes, but you can find the flavoring in baked goods, air fresheners, and even personal care products. 

While unsweetened, cooked pumpkin is generally considered a safe food for pets, the high fiber content can cause some disruption in the GI tract. Is there a way to safely share the wonder that is pumpkin spice with our best buds? Absolutely, and your friends at Rocklin Ranch have some ideas that feature pumpkin spice for pets. 


All About Pet Sweat (In Case You Were Wondering)

pets sweatI sweat, you sweat, dogs sweat, er…cats sweat? Well, sort of. The problem is that pets don’t sweat exactly like us (and therefore never have to worry about B.O. or nervous, sweaty handshakes). This is one of the reasons you need to pay extra close attention to your pet during the heat of the summer. They simply lack an efficient cooling system.

But, they do sweat. So, the next time you’re out for a jog or moving something heavy, wipe your brow and consider some of the following facts about pet sweat!


Break Some Records: Fun Spring Activities for Your Pet

Even though we have high temperatures approaching nearly 70 degrees, this wet, chilly season can really get us down! The one thing that never fails to keep our collective chins up this time of the year is thinking about spring. Blue skies are on the way (or at least we keep repeating this to ourselves), and we offer the best spring activities for your pet to keep the optimism flowing.

The Obvious Choice

Not that you need extra encouragement to hit the sidewalks, but spring is an excellent time to boost your walking routine with your dog. Flowers are in bloom, the daylight lasts longer, and the air is fresher than ever before.