Cute Valentine’s Day Gifts That Include Your Pet!

A fuzzy white dog wearing gogglesThere’s a lot to love about Valentine’s Day, but sometimes, we forget that the ones responsible for bringing us so much joy deserve a little extra spoiling, too. While it’s easy to splurge on toys or treats you know your pet will like, there are other gifts that include your pet.

Instead of adding to the hundreds of millions of dollars that pet owners are expected to spend on special gifts for their pets, we offer a few alternatives that might just make you fall head over heels (or paws!).

A Pet Getaway

While booking that steamy romantic weekend sounds ideal, what would Fluffy or Fido say about that? Show a little love by planning a pet-friendly getaway. Even if it’s just an overnight stay nearby, your pet will enjoy the new sights and smells and creating new memories with you.

Life’s a Beach

We’re not too far from the Pacific Ocean, and your pet may enjoy the drive. When you get there, have a nice picnic together on the beach. Bust out your best fetching equipment and don’t forget to take lots of pictures to document the experience!

Through the Stomach

Everyone knows the way to one’s heart is through their stomach, and pets are no exception. Show how much you care by taking him or her out to a restaurant that welcomes pets with open arms. Holidays are always crazy; make reservations through Pet Friendly Restaurants.

Other Gifts that Include Your Pet

Your cat might not show signs that he or she cares about Valentine’s Day, but that doesn’t mean a few cat house improvements wouldn’t be appreciated. The best part? Fluffy will give you great feedback as you work closely together on a shared project.

We mentioned taking photographs at the beach, but have you ever thought about getting a professional Pet Portrait? Capture your pet’s likeness forever!

New Gear

Looking for gifts that include your pet can certainly involve perusing displays of jackets, boots, or other outdoor gear. Purchasing items like these demonstrate an obvious commitment to your pet’s health and wellbeing, and may just provide one more reason to get outside!

Still Need a Gift? No Problem!

Looking for a present for the animal lover in your life? Look no further. These Valentine’s Day gifts that include your pet (or someone else’s) are sure to melt hearts:

Not to be outdone, these feline-centered goodies inspire lots of head bumps and long blinks:

And Finally…

In all the holiday revelry, please don’t forget the rules of Valentine’s Day Pet Safety. Let us know if you have any questions.

Remember, the thing your pet wants the most is to be with you. Carve out some extra time for long walks, additional play time, and open-ended snuggle sessions. Happy Valentine’s Day!